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Holiday Cocktail Party Blog Hop

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 2014 Holiday Cocktail Party Blog Hop

Last Monday I brought to you these amaaaaaaazing Oreo Truffles as part of a super fun 2014 Holiday Cocktail Party Blog Hop.  They were so easy and so delicious and try as I might I couldn’t hide them fast enough!  They were gone lickety split and I’ve already had a couple requests for more!

Bring these delicious and easy Oreo truffles to your next holiday cocktail party or special occasion and impress all your friends!


Who wouldn’t want to eat that??  I also had such a fun time hopping around to see all the amazing and delicious appetizers, cocktails, mocktails, and other desserts and sweet treats my fellow bloggers had to share.  And in case you missed all that awesomeness I’m bringing it again!  With pictures this time!  Nothing says ‘I have to make that for my next cocktail party’ like a picture that makes you want to leap through your computer screen.  Am I right?

Gear up for your next holiday cocktail party with these awesome recipes.  There are so many wonderful recipes to choose from how could you possibly pick just one?