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Pancake Poppers

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My family is always dying for easy and quick breakfasts they can grab on their way out the door and with my mom’s affinity for pancakes I KNEW I had to try and make a to go pancake option.  And I ended up with these pancake poppers.  Baked to perfection in a mini muffin tin you can add just about anything you want in them from breakfast sausage, bacon crumbles, fruit, or chocolate chips!  Then you’ll have an on the go breakfast perfect for busy mornings.

Pancakes are probably one of the best breakfasts ever.  What makes them even better?  Pancakes to go!  I love these fun and easy pancake poppers that make breakfast a breeze on a busy morning.

I’m sharing these bad boys on Proverbial Homemaker today!  Go check them out!

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