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Thanksgiving Activity Book {free printable!}

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Keep the kids busy in the car on your Thanksgiving road trip with this FREE Thanksgiving Activity book printable!
Keep the kids busy in the car on your Thanksgiving road trip with this FREE Thanksgiving Activity book printable!
The holidays are a time for food, fun, family, and long trips.  But how far you have to travel and how long your kids last being confined in a car has a direct effect on everyone’s mood.  I know lots of family cars now have built in DVD players and thank goodness for that!  I remember when we used to travel we had a small TV with a built in VHS and an adapter that let us plug it into the cigarette lighter.  I also remember the arguments and pouting when it came time to pick a movie.  I can tell at least some of you know what I’m talking about.
So how do you keep your kids occupied when you have to send them to their corners for a break without actually having corners to send them to?  Or maybe you just aren’t interested in hearing your toddler belt out Let It Go for the 1 millionth time.  It’s ok, I understand.  In order to keep those bored tantrums at bay I created a printable activity book for you guys!  And it’s FREE!  Free has got to be one of my most favorite words in the entire English language.
This baby has coloring pages, word searches, cross word puzzles and more to keep your kiddos entertained in the car and eliminate arguing.  About movies anyway.  I made it with the earth in mind so you’ll need to print it front to back.  When the printing dialogue box pops up you just need to tell it to print front to back and then it should walk you through how to finish it up so everything is facing the same direction.  To make it easier for you I numbered all the pages at the bottom 🙂
If you can’t {or can’t figure out how to} print front to back don’t worry!  You can print them out, cut them and staple them.  It’ll give your artsy kids even more room for drawing or doodling, too!  If your kids are a little too old for this activity book there are tons of fun car games you can play and anything with a points system or reward will spark your kids’ competitive nature and hold interest.  If they seem like they’re getting bored, switch it up!  Older kids in middle and high school can entertain themselves with electronics but books on tape can be a good way to entertain an entire car full of surly teens.  Theoretically.
Don’t leave without grabbing your Thanksgiving Activity Book printable and may all your holiday car trips be free of yelling, crying, tattling, and pouting!
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