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Thanksgiving Activity Placemat {free printable}

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Keep your kids busy at the Thanksgiving dinner table with this FREE Thanksgiving activity placemat!

Thanksgiving Activity Placemat | diyfaerie

The holidays are a time to get together and catch up with family you haven’t seen all year.  When we were little my Uncle was in the military so their family traveled all over the world until finally settling not far from us.  Those first few holidays when we hadn’t seen each other in forever we were a little rowdy.  Like the one time we tied my little brother to a tree and played Pilgrims and Indians…

So when you call the kids inside for dinner that’s why you want to segregate them to their own separate table, right?  So the grown ups can have grown up time while kids entertain themselves?  Hopefully without tying anyone up.  The problem with leaving kids to their own devices {or in the vicinity of rope, apparently} is that silence is generally a bad thing.  As my mom likes to say if you’re with a small child and all the sudden it’s silent they’re probably off doing something they shouldn’t.  Keep them at the table AND busy so you can chat it up with your family with my free Thanksgiving Activity Placemat.

They can color, play tic tac toe, do a word search, and write or draw some things they’re thankful for this year.  Plop a box of crayons in the middle of the table {or one box per kid to alleviate sharing problems} and let them entertain themselves while you recover from the drive it took to get you there, trapped riding with the little angels.

Get your free Thanksgiving Activity Place Mat  and make sure you check out my Thanksgiving Activity Book to keep the kids busy in the car, too!

What is your favorite Thanksgiving memory?