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Best Desserts if You’re Traveling for the Holidays

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Thank you Edwards® Desserts for sponsoring this post. Head to the frozen desserts aisle of your grocery store to pick up your favorite Edwards pie and make entertaining a breeze!

Because I’m the outlying family member in terms of geography and most of my family all lives in the same general area, I end up traveling a lot during the holidays or for special occasions. And even when  I’m traveling for the holidays I still like to be the go-to person for a good dessert.

I love to bake. (I mean obvi, you’re here on my dessert blog right now). But living so far away from my family means lots of traveling for the holidays. And call me crazy but I’m a creature of habit so baking in someone else’s kitchen can often be more trouble than it’s worth.

Plus, my mom is usually less than pleased when I take over her kitchen for days and make a big mess. Sorry, mom.

But I like to feed the people I love so when I visit my family for the holidays I make it a point to show up with a delicious treat to share.

Since airlines kind of frown on cookies in your carryon and muffins don’t travel so well in the cargo hold I like to hit up the store when I first get into town, wander down the frozen desserts aisle. And find something delicious, simple, and perfect for sharing.

When I was home for my brother’s graduation from Army boot camp I happened upon Edwards Desserts and realized that their Edwards HERSHEY’S® Chocolate Crème Pie would perfectly satisfy my family’s chocolate cravings.

And I wasn’t wrong.

But for Thanksgiving this year I’ve got my eye on the Edwards Turtle Pie.

I’m surrounded by a mix of pecan pie lovers and pecan pie haters in my family (we’re a complicated bunch) and so that makes my particular obsession with pecan pie difficult.

So I decided that this year I would compromise by showing up with an Edwards Turtle Pie instead. It’s kind of a perfect blend of all of our favorites. Smooth caramel filling infused with rich caramel, topped with chocolate, pecans, and whipped crème rosettes on a fresh-from-the-oven chocolate cookie crumb crust. Yes, please!

And since Edwards thaw-and-serve crème pies are available in whole pie and single-serve portions, naturally, I had to pick up a couple slices to do some taste testing. You know, research. Because I love my family just that much.

Other popular Edwards varieties include HERSHEY’S® Chocolate Crème (you won’t be disappointed), Key Lime (my personal favorite for summertime), Cookies and Crème and the seasonal Pumpkin Crème.

Oh, and before I go Edwards Desserts is inviting fans to share their love of Edwards over on their Facebook page for a chance to win a limited-edition, dessert-inspired prize pack. Who can say no to a dessert prize pack?!

Edwards will gift one lucky winner with a holiday bash for their whole town! They’ll be the guest of honor at the bash AND treated to an exclusive dining experience for them and their chosen guests! So be sure to enter here for your chance to win!

What’s your favorite way to treat your family to something special when you travel?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.