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Perfect Teacher Gift for Back to School

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Gift your child’s new teacher with the perfect back to school teacher gift! Help them relax and put a smile on their face with this super simple craft.

Get the kids ready for back to school with this perfect fun and funny teacher gift!

This year in the county I used to work in all my teacher friends have to go back to work a couple weeks early because the school board voted to start the school year early so that classes could be out by the end of May.  So my lovely teacher peeps have traded a shorter summer this year for a longer one next year.  Kudos to them!

At the beginning of last school year one of my good friends went from teaching 2nd grade to kindergarten and she was pretty nervous about it.  It doesn’t sound like a lot but if you’re a teacher or a momma then you know how different kids are between 5 and 8.

Practically totally different human beings.  As a former pre-school teacher I knew she could handle it and sail through the year with flying colors but she was still a little worried about it.

Get the kids ready for back to school with this perfect fun and funny teacher gift!

To ease her fears I went in during one of the teacher work days to help her set up her classroom.  And naturally I had to bring her a present!  She’s as big a fan of cutesy teacher gifts as I am and so I knew just what to bring her to make her smile.  Thus the Chill Pill jar was born.

It’s not a complicated gift but the meaning behind it and gesture sure made her smile.  She reported that her chill pill jar was empty after the first couple weeks and she had to go to Target to renew her prescription 😉 So if you’re going to gift your child’s new teacher with a chill pill jar this year then be a love and also include a $10 Target gift card so they can renew their prescription as needed.

I filled my pill jar with M&Ms but if you know your teacher is partial to Skittles or Reese’s Pieces or Smarties or chocolate covered raisins do whatever will make them smile!

Get the kids ready for back to school with this perfect fun and funny teacher gift!

My friend informed me that this was better than all the adorable stuffed animals and wreaths made out of crayons. And I definitely agree that I would have appreciated more chocolate and fewer stuffed animals during my years as a teacher, too.  You can download the printable for the jar here or make your own!  Hey, you could even have the kids decorate one if you feel so inclined.


So now that you’re thinking about getting back to school {and getting rid of the kiddos} then you’re in luck!  My bestest blog besties and I have gotten together to bring you some back to school goodness in preparation for a parent’s favorite time of year.  Back to school!  Be sure to hop over and check out their awesome tips, tricks, recipes, and how to’s before you go!

Get the kids ready for back to school with this perfect fun and funny teacher gift!

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